Giganticus Headicus has been featured in several TV and YouTube videos.

Straight Outta Vegas: Part II of our Route 66 adventure takes us to Hackberry General Store and Giganticus Headicus at Antares Point. Both locations were inspiration for Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” movie. After some browsing and shopping at the general store we take a look at some local art pieces. Oh yea, there might have been a BEE ATTACK, also…

Into the Sunset: Join me for a days adventure along historic Route 66 as we discover some interesting spots you may have never heard of.
JustinScarred: Gunfights! Wild Burros! Old West! Old Cars! Classic Hotels! Yep, it’s another Randomland Adventure, and this time we find Squidward’s house, but it’s not in Bikini Bottom, it’s on Old Route 66! Come experience the romance and the wackiness of the Arizona desert on old Route 66 between Oatman, AZ and the legendary Hackberry General Store!